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Reviews and Comments

The following reviews or comments have been posted on Manapouri Power Station . These comments have been posted by people who have already been to this attraction/destination/tourism operator.

Posted by Pat Lawton
Location: NZ

Date: Tuesday, 23 April 2002
Summary: An incredible engineering feat.

The highlight of a 3-week tour of the Souith Island was my visit to Manapouri Power Station. The bus ride down the 2km descending un-lined underground tunnel was awesome and inside the power station itself it was amazing to note that the walls of the station also were unlined and consisted only of undisturbed original mountain rock. It was hard to believe this power complex was all located deep inside a mountain. I would have very much liked to have seen something of the turbines in operation and to have gone down from the viewing platform to walk on the floor of the “generator” room. At 74 I feel privileged to have been able to make this visit.

This web-site lacks interest without pictures and I would suggest that views of the access tunnel, and the generators as seen from the viewing platform at least should be included on the site.

Pat Lawton, 23 April 2002.

p.s. I tried to transmit a photo I took inside the station that I thought would be suitable for site use but no luck

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