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The following reviews or comments have been posted on Doubtful Sound . These comments have been posted by people who have already been to this attraction/destination/tourism operator.

Posted by Cory
Location: NZ

Date: Thursday, 29 April 2004
Summary: A night on the Doubtful Sound

It all started with the journey across Lake Manapori. Sun shining, enjoying a nice cup of coffee on the upper deck. As we traveled on the bus across the mountain to Doubtful, some wonderful sights were to be seen. Waterfalls and such lush green forests. As we came over the last hill a heavenly sight appeared before us. The bus pulled into a viewing area and we got out to take some breathtaking photos. Once upon the Navigator, we started our journey up the sound. Such a wonderful crew we were blessed with. We had the option to take a boat ride around to view the scenery, or do some kyaking. I chose the kyaking and paddled my heart out for 2 wonderful hours. So quiet, so peaceful. Definately had time to think about why I haven’t enjoyed a journey like this in such a long time. Once we were all back aboard, we headed out the the Tasman Sea. We arrived just as the sun was setting. We got to see the seals preparing for their nightly feeding. As the sun set, we journeyed back up the sound and anchored back in a bay. A fabulous dinner was served. A fine bottle of wine and some great conversations with people from all over the world. A fabulous slide show was presented to us telling us a bit about New Zealand and the importance of keeping such a pure and wonderful place safe from the everyday troubles. The accomidations were fabulous. Up very early the next day and watched as the sun rose. Once again more fabulous food served for breakfast. At the end of the journey we headed up the hall arm to experience the

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