What to Take Tramping
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Spacer Personal Gear you Should Take
Clothing: you will need one set of clothes to walk in, and another dry set to change into at night.
Boots: comfortable and well broken in
Socks: (wool/polypropylene) two pair
Shorts: nylon/cotton
Singlet or T shirt: wool/polypropylene
Shirt: wool/polypropylene
Longjohns or trousers: wool/polypropylene
Jersey or jacket: wool/polypropylene
Woollen hat or balaclava, sun hat (for use in fine weather)
Mittens or gloves: wool or polarfleece
Raincoat: waterproof with hood
Overtrousers: windproof
Extra socks and underwear
Extra shirt or jersey: lightweight
Pack: with large waterproof liner
Sleeping bag: good quality down or hollofil (keep dry and separate inside your pack)
Plate and mug: unbreakable
Eating utensils: knife, fork, spoon, etc.
Drink bottle: you need to drink regularly during the day
Boot laces: spare set
Plastic bags and ties: various sizes for food and clothing
Toilet gear: soap, toothpaste, toilet paper, small towel
Survival kit: including whistle, lighter, paper, pencil
Light footwear: for inside hut (optional)
Sunglasses (optional)

Spacer Party Gear
Food for trip plus emergency rations
Cooking utensils: pot, billy and/or frying pan, pot scrubber
Matches or lighter: in waterproof container
Insect repellent
First aid kit: small, include pain relief and blister kits
Torch + spare batteries: small
Map of area: in clear plastic bag
Rubbish bags
Hut tickets (to be purchased from DOC centres in advance)

Spacer Optional
Camera + spare film
Book or playing cards