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Many of Te Anau’s businesses are fairly centralised, so getting around the town centre is not a problem.
There are also a number of short walks along lighted pathways throughout the town and along the lake front.
To get to specific places throughout Fiordland there are plenty of daily coach departures, launch cruises, water taxi’s and scenic flights.

Spacer Getting to Te Anau
You can get to Te Anau by car, bus or plane. Daily shuttle services run between Te Anau and each of the main centres of the South Island at least once a day.
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Spacer Getting around Te Anau
A network of paved footpaths, aided with clear signs and direction boards, help you get to your destination. The business area of Te Anau is centralised and enhanced by trees, elevated colourful flower beds, and information boards, along with plenty of seats and shops selling a wide variety of products. The town has lots of parks and the addition of lighted walkways along the lakefront makes for a pleasant evening walk. Most accommodation in Te Anau is within an easy walk of the main business centre and departure points for tours around the region.
You may consider hiring a bike to explore Te Anau and the outlying countryside.

Spacer Getting to places in Fiordland
For points beyond walking distance of Te Anau a number of options are available to you. There are plenty of drop-off and pickup services in Te Anau which will transport you to or from a destination at a small cost.

By Road: Te Anau has plenty of road transport operators to get to the main walking tracks. For some of the less well-known ones, alternative transport will have to be

By Air: One of the best ways of getting virtually anywhere in Fiordland is by air. Take an aeroplane, floatplane or helicopter and enjoy Fiordland’s rugged scenery from the air. Or consider just taking a short 10 minute flight with an overview of the Te Anau area.

By Water: There are several water taxis on Lake Te Anau and Lake Manapouri that can drop you off at any point around the lakes. On Lake Te Anau, some of the most popular places are Glade House (start of Milford Track) and Dock Bay (on the Kepler Track).