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Nature tourism operators can give you a better understanding of Fiordland’s natural heritage. They provide a variety of unique and interesting trips to some of our finest natural attractions, including unusual landforms, endangered species, wetlands and wildlife parks.

New Zealand’s unique plant and animal species evolved in isolation for over 80 million years. In 1000 years of human settlement, some species and their habitats have been lost. However, recent attempts to protect and enhance what remains have preserved many natural habitats as sanctuaries. Wildlife can often be viewed and photographed with ease in these areas.

New Zealand’s geography and geology is also as fascinating as its birds and animals. The diversity of climate, rock types, landforms and vegetation crammed into our islands is impressive.

A skilled guide can provide a knowledgeable explanation and interpretation of these aspects of our natural heritage, as well as ensuring that a high level of eco-tourism preserves such treasures for future generations.