Jet Boating in Fiordland
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Spacer Wairaurahiri River Jet Boating

The Longest Waterfall in New Zealand

Aboard the Jet you will speed over Lake Hauroko and then dive into the intake of the Wairaurahiri River - one of New Zealand’s most remote and untouched rivers.
Unique and secluded, the river flows through virgin beech forest that is over 1 million years old.
This is a spectacular jet boat experience that is an ultimate combination of thrilling jet boating and natural surroundings. For 27 kilometre’s the river travels down obstacle strewn white water rapids, and emerges on the rugged South Coast of New Zealand. From here visitors may opt to walk inland to view the spectacular historical Percy Burn Viaduct, or just relax and enjoy the abundance of wildlife.

Spacer Where is the Wairaurahiri River?
Located on the South Coast of the South Island of New Zealand, the Wairaurahiri River drains Lake Hauroko - the deepest lake in New Zealand.
The river falls some 520 feet to sea level and consists of 27 kilometre’s of grade 3 rapids.

Spacer The Boats
Jet Boating came into being through the inventive genius of New Zealander CWF (Bill) Hamilton, who was looking for a means of boating on the swift, shallow rivers of the South Island high country where he farmed.

Bill Hamilton developed the concept of the jet boat when he ruled out as impractical the use of a conventional external propellor (easily damaged in shallow rivers) to push boats along.

He devised the revolutionary jet system when he used an internal propeller (impeller) to suck water through a chamber on his boat then force it out through a moveable nozzle to provide both propulsion and maneuverability.

Spacer Safety
Stringent safety procedures are observed, and jet boat drivers are very experienced. There is, however, an age restriction of 12 years.