Fishing in Fiordland
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Brown and rainbow trout thrive in Fiordland’s lakes and rivers. Trolling for fish on the lakes of Fiordland and fly fishing in Fiordland’s rivers is very popular.
Unless otherwise experienced, hire a guide for best results, they will find you the best places to fish. Most guides will also provide fishing gear.

Lakes Te Anau and Manapouri are open for fishing all year round. Trolling is very popular on the lakes, and the beautiful scenery makes the experience even more enjoyable. There are dozens of bays and arms that make for good fishing spots.

Spacer Lake Manapouri
Troll the still clear waters of Lake Manapouri for that big catch. Second deepest lake in New Zealand, Lake Manapouri is the ideal lake for fishing, its combination of beautiful mountains and plentiful supply of trout make for an unforgettable trip.

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There are over forty rivers and streams within 1 hour 30 minutes travel of Te Anau. They vary from small spring fed streams to moderate sized rivers. These waters are all managed as a wild fishery.

The mountains of Fiordland are covered in rich rain forest and here true wilderness fishing is as good as it gets. During settled weather, the rivers run clear, and large brown and rainbow trout can be seen cruising in deep pools.

Away from the mountains and forest, the rivers flow across farm land with an ever changing landscape. Access along the river banks is some what easier than in the mountains and good stocks of both brown and rainbow trout abound.

Around Fiordland rivers fall and rise quickly. So to do the quality of fishing in these rivers, where a river is fishable one day and the following day it may be out of condition, get expert advise from a fishing guide. Remember also that there are certain conditions that must be adhered to when fishing, such as bag limit, size restrictions, opening and closing dates and methods of fishing allowed. If fishing independently, it is also necessary to purchase a license from the Southland Fish and Game Council before fishing.

Spacer Fishing in Fiordland
Guided fishing operators must hold a guided fishing license which allows them to guide on rivers and waterways in most regions of the South Island of New Zealand.
There are a number of local licensed guides who have extensive knowledge of Fiordland’s local and natural history, and will be able to share with you their intimate knowledge of Fiordland’s rivers, mountains and forests.

Spacer What will you need to bring?
You will probably not need to bring anything. Most operators will supply all your equipment for you; such as:

Quality fishing rods and tackle.
Fishing license for day fishing or longer.
Hand tied flies.
Tuition for the less experienced including beginners.
Morning/afternoon tea and lunch, including hot or cold drinks.