Doubtful Sound
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Spacer Doubtful Sound - Sound of Silence
Practically untouched by man. The physical grandeur of towering peaks descending into moody waters, outstanding waterfalls from high-up ice-age valleys and fiords clad with ancient vegetation, create a powerful atmosphere of solitude and serenity.

Three times longer than Milford Sound and with a surface area 10 times larger, this is an unspoiled wilderness of many moods.
Browne Falls cascades 619m to the fiord near Hall Arm and Helena Falls is an attractive feature of Deep Cove.
Seals and dolphins are frequently seen, as well as the occasional penquin.

Captain James Cook sighted the entrance to Doubtful Sound on his first voyage to New Zealand in 1770. He called the place Doubtful Harbour. He did not enter the fiord because he was doubtful of his exit back to sea.

Today one of the most popular of all Fiordland tourist trips is the return one day excursion from Manapouri to Doubtful Sound.

Modern launches leave Pearl Harbour at Manapouri (20 minutes from the holiday resort of Te Anau) and cross beautiful Lake Manapouri to West Arm. A short trip over the Wilmot Pass leads to Deep Cove at the head of Doubtful Sound.

Increasingly popular with visitors to Fiordland is a overnight cruise on Doubtful Sound, which can extend from one night to seven.