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Spacer New Zealand Currency:
New Zealand currency is based on the decimal system with 100 cents in the New Zealand Dollar. Money is available in the following denominations:

Coins: 5, 10, 20, 50, $1, $2
Notes: $5, $10, $20, $50, $100

Te Anau (the main centre of Fiordland) has two banks. You can easily exchange cash, or bank travelers cheques at these banks.

Spacer Banking:
There are 2 Banks with ATM facilities and Money Exchange ( Bank of New Zealand and WestpacTrust) situated in the Town Centre of Te Anau.

Spacer Money and Costs:
Some expected costs for common goods and services:
Budget Meal: NZ$8-20
Moderate Restaurant Meal: NZ$15-30
Top-end Restaurant Meal: NZ$40+
Budget Accommodations: NZ$18-60
Midrange Accommodations: NZ$70-190
Top-end Accommodation: NZ$200+

Depending on your travel budget, Fiordland has the facilities to cater for all types of travelers. If you wish to travel economically, it is possible to spend as little as NZ$70 a day. Expect to stay in hostels, backpackers, or be camping and cooking your own meals to fit this budget.
Due to the nature of Fiordland, it is possible to spend very little on activities, such as swimming and tramping, but if you wish to do some of the more expensive activities, such as scenic cruises and flights, you must be willing to outlay more funds.

Spacer Police:
The Police Station is located on the Milford Road ( For any Emergency Phone: 111 )

Spacer Medical Centre:
Te Anau’s Medical Centre is located on Luxmore Drive

Spacer Fire Station
Te Anau’s fire station is located on Luxmore Drive

Spacer Language:
English is the dominant language in New Zealand.

Spacer Population:
The permanent population of Te Anau (the main centre of Fiordland) is about 3000. During the summer months this swells to about 10,000.

Spacer Electricity:
New Zealand operates on a 240 volt, 50 hertz supply.

Spacer Timezone:
New Zealand is GMT+12hr. During the period from the 1st Sunday in October to the 3rd Sunday in March, New Zealand is in Daylight Savings. (clocks move forward one hour)

Spacer Clothing:
Clothes you wear about Fiordland should be warm and comfortable - especially during the winter months. A waterproof parka is advised. If you intend to go tramping or hiking extra consideration should be given to the type of clothing -woolen hats and a warm jacket is strongly recommended. (Click Here for more information on what equipment to take tramping).

Spacer Arrival and Departure in New Zealand:
The departure tax at New Zealand airports is NZ$25.00. Also, when entering New Zealand you must declare any goods you have such as food, animals, wooden items, etc, which could cause biosecurity problems for New Zealand’s food and animal production.
The three major airports of New Zealand are Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch Weather and Climate Click here to find out about Fiordland’s weather and climate.

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